SouthWest Gate Scene



How to create this card:

Stamp Heart Cactus and Pear Cactus on cream color card stock using Memories black ink. Mask both and stamp Southwest Gate. Stamp tiny Barrel Cactus and Little Mission using the same black ink. Color all with chalks. Note: Alternative to masking the heart and pear cactus: stamp both, cut out and adhere to gate with double stick tape or glue.




Items used to create this card: (click code or thumbnail to see item page)

Code Name
Stamp Size
1132AB Barrel Cactus, tiny
3/4” X 3/4
1529D Prickly Pear, sm.
11/4” X 11/2
2162H Cactus Love
13/4” X 3″
2195E Little Mission
13/4” X 13/4
2196S S.W. Gate 1
33/4” X 51/2
MIP Memories Black Ink Pad

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