Painted Skies & Butterflies



How to create this card:

Stipple Calypso Kaleidacolor (or any rainbow-colored dye ink) on light colored card stock. Using one of the darker colors of ink, over-stamp with butterflies. Stamp “Paint the Skies” and small butterfly with gold pigment ink on vellum. Emboss with gold powder. Edge vellum with gold pen. Attach vellum to stippled background with double stick tape.
Note: Instead of embossing, try using Brilliance TM gold to stamp words.



Items used to create this card: (click code or thumbnail to see item page)
Code Name
Stamp Size
1877C Brushed Butterfly, sm.
2″ X 3″
2117H Paint the Skies
1″ X 11/2″
2024E Swallowtail, med.
2″ X 3″
2037B Flat Wing, sm.
1″ X 11/2″
2039C Sheer Butterfly, sm.
2″ X 3″
KIP KaleidacolorTM Calypso Ink

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