Buzzard on Wood Fence



How to create this card:

On glossy white card, Brayer using Desert Heat Kaleidacolor ink. Stamp Buzzard, Fence, Sun and Happy Birthday with Memories black or any permanent ink. Note: You may choose to mask the buzzard. Stamp bird first, mask area that will be stamped over. Stamp fence as shown.


Items used to create this card: (click code or thumbnail to see item page)
Code Name
Stamp Size
1920JJ Buzzard, lg.
1/4″ X 31/2
1922F You Old Buzzard
13/4” X 2″
1516LL Fence w/ Rope
21/2” X 41/2
1833H Wavy Sun
21/4” X 21/4
KIP KaleidacolorTM Ink Pads
BryRl 4″ Speedball Detachable Brayer
MIP MemoriesTM Black Ink

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